Welcome 2016

Things I learned from my Life …
1. Dont complicate life, simplify it.. Not everyone think the way you think.. And you ruin your day with your complicated mind .. Well, worry kill happiness..
2. Go out, find your own happiness .. People Said happiness came from inside, cant agree more.. But maybe its should start from you !! Maybe its should start from “feeling Happy”.. That you should do “a Happy things” and maybe its start by “laughing with your friends” or maybe a piece Of Red velvet cake 🍰 and a glass Of Wine 🍷.. Happiness is a situation you created !! Its not something you find from within without no effort..
3. Live The moment , never worry about tomorrow .. Since I believe, God already made a plan to each Of us. His plan Will always be better than our plan.. His plan not our..
4. Be Kind !!! Doesnt Mean you please everyone.. Not everyone should stay in your journey, deserve your attention and having your time .. Be Kind enough to make The different.. Be kind to your self.. I learned, thinking about what “Good” for you, doesnt called selfish.. Its “self care”
5. Knowing what you want is better than what you dont Want. Some people (mostly) knowing what they dont want (for eating / for wearing / etc) in life. They just confuse about what they exactly want. And at The same point, some people think if we (woman) speak up for what we really want, its rude / impolite.. Well, grateful if u have one Cause not every woman can speak up their mind and know what they want 😊
And, Good morning to you My lovely morning.. 
Dont Forget to fall in love (with your self first) ❤️😘