Yesterday i felt so bad.. throw back the time and all the difficult time i am struggle still.. I keep questioning God, why all those things happened to me.. seems like life isnt fair (to me)..
But this morning, When i open my eyes. I realize, life isnt that bad.. and it shouldnt be fair. People come and go in your life, thats normal. And whats the meaning of life without problem in it.
Maybe God need to remove some toxic people in your life so you hv a better view..

Maybe God put you in a hard situation because he want to strengthen you.. to make you believe on his plan..

Maybe God give you a wrong people so you can learn from them until he will send you the right one so you could appreciate more..
This morning when i woke up, i feel so blessed. Over my problems, I believe God put me in this situation with a purpose. To sharpen my faith, to lower my ego, to believe in Him, to let him take control.
you will may have a bad day, big debt, broken relationship or unhealthy body. But HE is the cure. 
So I wanna say “Thank You Lord” for everything that happen into my life. For friends, job, health, problem, for everything.
Im so grateful !! God is Good, and everything will be in His Time cause I believe He has something better for me .. and for you
Happy Easter Everyone

God Bless you 😇🙏🏻