I throw back my life for what i’ve been through so far..And actually i realize there s no guarantee in life..
People change.. change because they’ve been hurt too much .. because they have a new chapter.. because they learn their mistake or because thats the only thing they have ..
People come and go.. some come because of a new intention .. some because feel click to you..

Some because they are attracted to you or maybe wanna save you..
Some go because they think its time to let go.. or maybe because they found someone/something more interesting/new.. some because they just think to change their life..
Been around with several people this past few years.. been hang out with several group with some “name/interest”.. all just makes me realize.. no group have same interest.. just a few people.. and thats make a group inside a group..
Been close with some people but its make me realize, people will got close to you when they think you could contribute something in your life .. in any way.. 
People come people go .. some stay .. some leave .. some change.. some keep the same .. some stay humble .. some become arrogant.. some lose weight.. some gain weight .. some are success.. some have their difficult time..
Money – People – Enviroment – Spouse – Death – Career – Group – Love – Hate – Birth
You cant choose what happen to you but u can choose how you react over it. I dont trust people easily.. you cant count on someone.. the only person who could help you out is your self. People surround you come to brighter your day once you already have your bright day. So its should start from you..
Do not let people in if they are not add value into your life. I dont make time if its doesnt make me happy, better or money. I’ve learned.. i’ve developed..
And i hope you too …