Hari ini 16 Desember 2016..

Semalam menerima comment di tulisan “Jangan Panggil Aku Cina” yang sudah di tulis dan published 12 Januari 2013. Yes, its nearly 4 years tapi masih aja ada yang comment. Comment nya ga selalu positive (and i dont know why… i dont even said bad things there)…

well anyway, its people opinion anyway..

So hari ini tiba-tiba aja mau nulis whats on my mind.. Apalagi kasus AHOK yang lagi hangat dibicarakan di Indonesia. I dont write this in purpose, its all about write on my mind, totally about my story and my perspective.
Kind of surprising when ​i still received comment on my post. And quite shocking when they react “bad”.. cause for me it’s just an opinion and something i’ve been through.

Well, kehidupan SARA rasanya selalu melekat pada kita (i mean to all people here).. sama kayak di luar negeri “black & white”, sampai ada beberapa film yang dibuat sehubungan dengan itu, contoh Django atau The help.

Mungkin sebenarnya di Indonesia pun sama, ada klasikal seperti itu antara pribumi dan keturunan (sering banget disebut “cina”). Atau menyebutkan suku “batak”, “bugis”, “jawa” “sunda”, dll dkk..
Once, me and my friends talk about “labeling” on people. Like “what if one day your son/daughter married with non-Chinese?”.. a simple question but many opinion. Which is thats their right but we just try to think objective. My friend answer “i dont care if my son married a black woman as long as she is nice and the love each other” -> she live in USA btw.. and the other friend of mine said the same also.. Well, let me told you story about my family..
I was born in Lampung , yes my parents are Chinese (but i dont speak Chinese / mandarin). I spent my elementary at “SD. TAMAN SISWA” (ga tau ini negeri apa swasta, yang pasti ada pelajaran agama katolik dan islam nya -> cuma beda kelas. jadi kalau katolik di kelas A, kalau islam di kelas B”. Not many chinese there. So i called it “mixed school”.. hahaha.. Then i moved to Pontianak, West Borneo, I studied at Santa Maria (SMP) and Santo Petrus (SMA), yes mayoritas chinese (what you expect soalnya populasinya emang 50-50), tapi bukan cuma chinese aja, ada orang melayu, ada orang jawa, ada orang dayak (multi culture isnt it?). That’s where i realized kalau Chinese itu ga semuanya kaya.. mereka ada yg rumahnya kayu, cuci baju di sungai, even pengemis juga chinese.. (you can go there if you not trust me).. -> ketahuilah, tidak semua “chinese” itu sukses.. some are not..
Then I moved to Semarang .. this is hmmmm unique city.. hahaha because i dont feel “chinese” here.. they dont have strong culture like Pontianak. They not celebrate Chinese New Year like in Pontianak, they are more “Indonesian”. I used to called “aiie” or “asuk” for chinese aunty and uncle and “om & tante” for non chinese. But here, they all called “om” & “tante”, except the strong chinese (kita sebutnya sih chinese totok,, hahaha..). Well, Semarang lebih melebur daripada Pontianak, mungkin karena banyak pendatang dan Chinese bukan mayoritas ( i dont know exactly) and thats not my point here..
I can say that my family just multi culture and ras. My aunty, she’s married with Javanese man. My uncle married with “Ambon” woman. The other uncle, he married with “Javanese”. I married with Canadian man, he was married with “Javanese” woman before and they have a son (and its my son as well).. So i have a mixed son (which is he s not chinese) and i love him… And they all a part of me.. they all my family. chinese / not chinese is not a main problem.. attitude is the problem..
Just because you’re not the same race like me, doesnt mean you are not a good people. My best friend is not chinese. She is javanese and I love her. Why keep putting label on people. They are not asked to born with a dark skin, small body or even chinese eyes (baca : sipit). And when you keep put label on people, you are not CHANGE anything.. You will bring the same situation and condition in the next 20 or 30 years. Our next generation will still labeling people, is that what you want ?
So, can we just break all the chains ? Biarlah sampai pada hari ini saja.. pada masa ini saja.. pada generasi kita saja.. Anak-anak kita, generasi penerus kita berhak mendapatkan free will to choose, with who they want to have relationship with.. with who they wanna share their story with.. If its not us, who else ? if its not now, then when ?
STOP LABELING PEOPLE (with their religion, race or skin), THEY ARE NOT A BOTTLE !!
Happy Weekend Everyone
Peace & Love,


Nice to watch !! Society put label on us, but its just us !!