well, i just wanna share My little adventure this year ..

Im starting 2015 with Japan’s trip .. Bought the ticket on September 2014 to Travel this April where the cherry blossom .. We are 10 people who discovering Japan .. And its start from Tokyo (the main city with buziest people).

The trip to Japan start on April 3rd at mid night and arrive there on April 4th. Never thought Japan would be so cold and i hvnt prepare my self for cold. I dont even Know where we going and Which place to visit. Work life quite busy recently until i hv No time think about My trip ..

We start 3 days at Tokyo, went to harajuku, cat cafe, Shibuya, ueno park, Disney sea (they Said there are Only 2 Disney sea in the world and Japan is one of the place) – place is so big and i think i need whole day to go around there and try all the games. 

 The first time i saw sakura.. I fall in love with that flower. So pink, elegant and strong. For me, sakura has its Own character.   


 After Tokyo, we visit Hitachi seaside park. Unfortunately, its not the perfect time to See all the flower blooming. They Said it start on May, so we just Saw couple of flower covers the hill. The trip for going there and back, takes around 4hour by bus (quite far and Wasting time, but Hey.. Thats a journey isnt it?)   


What is famous for Japan except Sakura, yes, its mount Fuji. Another unfortunately, the weather not so friendly. Its cold, raining all day and snow .. Cant believe i could See snow Here in Japan. We stayed at Kawaguchiko hotel, in front of kawaguchi lake. We have a nice view from our window but we cant See the mount Fuji clearly. The hotel have a great service, for the dinner, onsen (hot bath), yukata and the pick-up service.


After kawaguchi, we went to gotemba factory outlet.. Cant imagine that is the heaven for the shopaholic. You can find any brands there and im sure you Will need a whole day to discover the place (it was big area)

But if you like traditional things, you Will find it in Kyoto. I love Kyoto. Its entertain you with street Food, temple, traditional building and its touristic place. We rent the kimono for a day which cost us 6.000 yen (quite expensive but there is No other place you can wear kimono around except Japan, isnt it?). We went around with kimono and many tourist took picture with us (i called it tourist love tourist) šŸ˜€šŸ˜œšŸ˜†šŸ˜’. We visit the Bamboo groove, inari, Kyoto tower, and we try the bullet train to Kyoto by Tokyo (its cost 13.500 yen.. So expensive)                 



When we arrived in Osaka, you can See different atmosfer from Tokyo and Kyoto. Im not spend much at Osaka Cause we arrived late and i need to catch up My flight in the morning.  But it was a great trip i had. With a good friends, with a good laugh. What i love from japan are the technology, the culture, the people and the place. Never thought i would love japan this much. One thing for sure, i would like to Come back again to this country and stay more to discover the city more.


Thank you Japan .. For giving me good memories about you

Love, Lala