When (some) people think that successful relationship depend on “how big Your House is”.. “How rich you are”.. “How fast ur business run”..

Somehow we just forget that its not about all of that .. When we think that “maybe if we have a bigger house, we Will have quality time without distraction”..

“If we are rich, we can be Happy Cause we not stress about the money”..
“If the business going well, we Will have relaxing mind and can take some vacation or honeymoon”..

But the “IF” just a reason that we think is “right” and when we have all of that, we missed the moments that happen in our life..

Enjoy every little condition in life and throw away the word “IF”.. Cause if you are looking for when is the right time to be “READY”, you Will wait until the rest of Your life …

PS : Tu me manques .. I miss Us 😊☺️😉