Maybe God knows if im lying to Him..

I always said im fine, but i know exactly i am not..

I said everything will be okay, but i dont know how to make it okay..

I said i will get through this, in fact i dont know how to live every second of my day..

I said i will live happier, but i just know well how to cry instead of smile..

I said i will fix my life, but all i do just trying to back in time when i was with you..

I said there will always a sunshine after the rain, but i dont have any sunshine in my world..

I said i already let it go, the truth is i still hold that memories tight..

You ll think i am crazy.. You ll said i am weak.. You will feel my anger..

Most of all, dont try to understand me..

Dont try to judge my path .. Cause you never walked on my journey..