“You are my sunshine.. my only sunshine.. you make me happy.. when the sky are grey..”

2014 is a new beginning of everything. for being warm by the sunshine, covering with a love and starting a life with new perspective.

From the beginning, I knew that life would never ever came with instruction. I made a mistake, turn from the right way, took a wrong path, throw the responsibilities and now… here I am..

The tough life is, the more tougher I become. since I believe, somehow.. someway.. people will step you from back.. even the people you trust.. when marriage can be broke into divorce.. when a good friend could be a stranger.. when a soul mate could be an enemy.. that’s just the way it is..

Since people come and go.. since moment come and go.. since relationship come and go.. since everything is just about sometimes, I learn.. for not count on somebody. For some reason, people will stay in your life but for a better reason, they are not belong into our life..

Letting go is just a word but let the heart go, is more an act.. When you letting go someone or things, GOD put something better in your life and that’s what I have right now..

I letting go the bad things who sucks my happiness from inside.. I’m ready for a new adventure in my life.. I’m ready for the next chapter in life.. and can’t hardly wait to really see you.. hold you.. kiss you.. and say to the world that “You are my sunshine”.

…. Welcome sunshine ….