Actually.. my mind keep running everytime I read or see  a movie about multiple personality. Something deep inside of me are curious about how it happen.. what maKe it happen.. etc.

Many movie about multiple personality or identity disorder. maybe the movie “psycho”, “peacock” and “hide and seek” are familiar for us. Yes, thats an example of multiple personality disorder’s movie.

Last saturday I saw a movie “sybil”. Sybil is one of the most popular figure when I step in psychological field in 1999. A book named SYBIL is my first book of multiple personality I’ve read.

And now, 14 years after, I just seen the movie. SYBIL movie was release in 1976. The actress who play as sybil won an award because of that movie.

This movie, book amd history of sybil really shocking psychological world, especially about multiple personality.  Sybil was claimed have 16 personality. Its start when she was 2 years old, she repress her feeling and raised by a paranoid schizophrenia mother.

It took 11 years treatment, therapy and companion by Dr.Wilbur until Sybil meet with the other personality and try to accept the other her.. and try to heal her self and accept her feeling.

This is one of the biggest case ever happen in psychological world and I knew there are many same issue out there about multiple personality.

The minds of billy milligan also one of most popular case. Most of this case are caused by their mother where they got sex abuse or bad treatment when they were a child. And its bring me back the booked I ever read named “a child called it”

Some kid who raised by schizophrenia paranoid mother could survive their self and live normal. But some of them, repress their emotion and caused multiple personality. I ever read statement that “the relationship between the mother and the kid will influence their personality”.

Some of the movie I mentioned above, most of them had a bad relationship with their mother. Example : the movie psycho, norman has been under estimate by his mother  and it makes him feels like he always listen his mother’s voice evem she already dead.

Thats why its so important to our society to know about this schizophrenia symptoms. A kid will become like what their parent tought them to.. society just influence small percent in his character.

How could you ask to have a great kid while you / we.. are not healthy mentally..
and how could you ask to have a great people while this country are not healthy mentally..


Cek this link to know more about sybol history..