Today, I just realize that many friends of mine finally found what they are looking for in their life. Finally they found their missing Life puzzle. Really happy for them cause finally they know with whom they will spend their time with. And I really hope its gonna be the last in their life..

Talking about LOVE, its just a mysterious thing that happened in my life. And now, I change my perception in Love. Not because I don’t believe in Love, its just because I finally find out there are many kind of love in this world. And LOVE is not perfect. Without being suffer, you ll never know what love is. Without being hurt, you ll never feel happiness. Without crying, you ll never realize, what is laughing..

I learn many things in my life about all of that … LOVE will put you high and make you down at the same time. Love will dries your tears and hurt you at the same time.. but without love, you ll feel lonely. Love is not only for a couple. Its universal. Love is for a friend, love is for a family, love is for sister and brother, even love is for someone that you don’t know before

Just amazing all those things that LOVE could bring in our life. Happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, Joy and Suffer.. well, its just depend on our perception that will help us to find and handle that contradiction of LOVE. People said, to be in love, we should built relationship based on honesty and trust. In my opinion, its not work.. I cant believe is there any man/woman who never lie or jealous with their BF/GF.. someone that you love so much is the only person who could make you suffer in your life..

Me.. I change my mind already.. In a Relationship, we don’t need trust and honesty. We just need a big heart to receive the reality that someday, somehow, … someone that you love will hurt you in a way that u never imagine before.. All you can do is just keep this sentence in your mind that LOVE is NOT PERFECT at all..

By knowing that LOVE will make you sad and suffer, then why we cant avoid LOVE? Cause Love come in our life with their unique way.. it come suddenly with their magic way. We will never know with whom we will fall in love.. cause Love working in a special way..

Found a LOVE then get suffer from it is not a mistake.. However, that suffer make you stronger than before and you are one level up than before.. Falling in LOVE would never ever be a mistake…

PS :
– For someone who finally found your puzzle, I really happy for you
– For someone who still keep searching their puzzle, Just keep be positive. the best is not come yet

In the End… They are Not TWO but ONE !!!