Starting my new life.. preparing and managing my own company – Gemma Consulting (with the way i like, of course) and get help from my 2 partners makes me excited with my business life. It’s not big enough but it’s a good start since everything will start from small and become bigger..

Throw away my past history of work and getting to know many people in my business makes me get many chances in life. I just feel so blessed for move out from my unhealthy business relationship with my ex-partner and took that as a lesson in life..

I learn a lot from my past by what i had and for sure, for not being a person who full of fake.. for try to smile because i love to not because i have to. Even my consulting business will makes me dealing with many characteristic person but I believe, you can’t fake genuine or smile even a warm heart..

Many supports come from those who love me and really want to see me reach my career, not those who like to abuse and blackmail me emotionally. I’m going stronger now.. I open my wings and expand my networking.. I go with the people who respect me personally, appreciate what I am doing and Like me the way I am. I don’t need to please other for my business benefit cause i believe, what will will be..

One thing i believe for sure .. “what goes around.. comes around”



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