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fter my wedding, i went with my mother in law for travelling at Sulawesi. She want to visit Sulawesi – Makasar – Tana toraja.

so i try to find the good deal for the tickets and the tour. well, as usual the trip in Indonesia always more expensive than you go aboard.

i check on travel agent, the tickets Jakarta – Makasar is around 2,8jt/person. and its quite expensive, so i try to find ticket from Surabaya – Makasar. we got 1.6jt/person. so we go to Surabaya by train and cost us around 300rb/person 2 way. when we arrive at Surabaya, my friend visit us and drop us to the hotel. we stayed at Garden Palace hotel. the hotel was good with a good food. and at night, we went to Sutos for dinner. really enjoy the food there.

the next morning we fly to Makasar and its take 1,5hour by Garuda. the time is 1 hour more because its a Indonesia centre time. i think i arrive around 1pm and the guide already there to bring us to Tana toraja. it takes 10 hour trip by car. and its really tiring. the road was bumpy. but we could see many traditional house there from Bugis.

and the funny thing during the trip was the colorful bridge. we found bridge with yellow, pink, blue, green, purple colours… that was unique.

and after 10 hour driving, we come to misiliana hotel in toraja. that was a nice hotel. christian hotel. we had dinner at the restaurant alone cause we arrive there around 9 or 10pm. so we just direct went to sleep

the next morning after the breakfast, the tour begin. we visit the stone grave, hanging grave, traditional old village with the traditional houses. we try the traditional food also. we had red rice, soup, black spice pork and a chicken cooked in bamboo. its taste good,, we really enjoy

after 1 day tour,  the next morning we took 10 hour again to drive back to Makasar. but we stop at engrekang. its a hills with the legend 😉

then we come to makasar. we have seafood dinner and it was great. the food and seafood was fresh. and we back to our hotel. sahid hotel. the hotel was great but not much choice for the breakfast. but we enjoy it

the next day, we take makasar tour. we visit bala lampoa. its a museum in makasar. and we went to for rotterdam.

and dont forget, we visit trans-studio. so famous but i think its not a place for me. but its good for the kid ;0

well, makasar-tana toraja was a great trip but actually i expect more than i see.

hope the goverment could take care for the culture

i love my indonesia


Some was good (in my opinion) and some was not good (in my opinion also)..

But in the end, you are the judges (^_^)

ENJOY to Travel with me 🙂