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October 21, 2011

Today is my friend’s wedding celebration. instead of give envelope, i decide to make cupcakes for her. So, i start to discuss with my friend about the design of the cake, flavor and how many cakes that she need. And she told me that she invite 200 people, so I need to make 200 cupcakes :). Its stressing me cause I never made cake in a big amount like that.

But its like a challenge for me. and im so exciting with the day. Well, I start buy all my needs and searching the  easy design with butter cream. and i made it 2 days before cause im quite busy with my work. and at the day, I spend my full time for decoration.

Here are some my decoration

Im quite satisfy with my job. I think its good for a beginner like me. Finally I made 220 cupcakes. Enjoy the picture of my cupcakes in ma petite cuisine

Bon Appetite