Finally, I made blog for my self :). Such a great thing i did.. he he he..

Well, before you get bored, let me introduce my self. Im (Patricia) Yuanila and Im work as a psychologist and a consultant of Human Resources Management. I work with my partner who my collages at university where I took my  master degree in Industrial Psychology.

Im a honest person and still eager to learn and to share my knowledge, my skill to everyone who can be honest while having a relationship with me.

I like to buy a book but always find its hard to finish all my book :p. I like to make cookies, to make a cake and to cook.. You can called it hobby or passion, cause that always cheer me up whenever im down or sad. But im still beginner on that 🙂

And I love my job as a psychologist, consultant, counselor and trainer… I like to speak in front of people and share my knowledge, I like to help people to be a better person and help them out from their problem.. and I Love to see them success.. their success is my success also…

About My Self -> well, just a mother from my kid.. just a wife of my husband.. a sister from my sister and brother, a daughter of my parents.. a friend of someone who called me “friend”… a trainer of my class.. a psychologist based on my degree.. a consultant based on my work.. a counselor based on my consultation session… a motivator for someone who need to be motivate.. a helper for someone who need my help… but most of all,  I’m just a human, God created…

Well, i hope my writing about my opinion, my feeling and my situation could help me (and you) to be a better person… Please, do not hesitate to share your idea to me..

Happy Reading (^_^)

Best Regards,