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yeah…… it’s holiday…

this long holiday we wanna visit komodo island. the place that i REALLY wanna go since years ago but my husband not interested on it. but we have friends coming from Canada and we organize their trip and we decide that we ll go to flores.

well, because its a high season (during the Ramadan holiday), we pay quite expensive for the tickets. from Semarang to Bali is around @2,7jt /person. and Bali to Flores around @2,6/person.

actually, we already booked the hotel in Labuhan Bajo (Flores). its a hotel owned by Dutch lady. it called Gili Hilltop hotel. that was a great tour and nice hotel. we pay around 5jt for the trip 3day 2 night at the boat and 1 night stay at the hotel.

the hotel really have a good view with a crazy beautiful bougenville flowers. like a paradise 🙂

when we arrived in Labuhan bajo, u cant imagine.. we are picked up by mikrolet / public transportation. its hard to find a taxi (actually they dont have taxi). so you can only go by a car that u can pay for 1 way. we took a car from hotel to the down town, its cost 50rb. we went to tree top, its a restaurant with a village view. well, for the place not so bad but for the food was bad. beside its crazy expensive, the taste was so so..

in the night we still try to go to the local bar. it was amazing, they have local beer and its quite funny there. i enjoyed there.

the next morning we transfer to the harbor and starting our journey to komodo island. we have the schedule about our trip but we not really follow the schedule. we found a very nice captain on the boat. he show us many place.

its around 1hour from the harbor, we visit a virgin island. so beautiful and quite. only us there. and what we heard, that island belong to Jakarta guy. but it’s so beautiful. i forgot the name of that island

after that island, we went to rinca island. thats the island with komodo. they said you’ll find more komodo here than at komodo island. the best time to come to see komodo is in the morning around 8am or afternoon around3pm. and we found komodo fight under the house. it was amazing !!!!

and because its a meeting season, we saw komodo have sex… ha ha ha

after we saw wild buffalo, deer, and birds… and after did the 2hour tracking, we back to our boat and we go visit the bat’s island… we need to be there around 5.30pm because that the good time to see all the bat flying.. in our mind, we just thought it only be 10-20 bats flying from the mangrove. but…. its start with few bats then its come thousand bats… non stop flying from the mangrove to another island.. that was crazy amazing !!!

after the bat’s island we find a spot to stop and spend night there. and you know what the best at the night? the stars…. amazing.. think about it makes me wanna cry. thats very beautiful star I ever seen in my life… 🙂

the next morning we visit Komodo island. and its very beautiful. the oldest island. protected and very huge…. we found komodo also there during our tracking.

after komodo island, we go to red beach. its called red beach because the sand is red. many people say snorkeling there was great but my husband said they saw nothing. better the first island we been. and after red beach, we visit kanawa island. that was good. we do snorkeling there and we saw many fish there. there are thousand of fish swimming and that was crazy amazing. in the island there is a wild deer walking around.

and we stay at kanawa for the night. as usual, the sky there was amazing… and at the time, it was a malam takbiran so we could see the firework around there. and its beautiful, we could see it clearly cause the sky was black.

the next morning, we visit one more island but for me its same like the other island. thats good. and we back to labuhan bajo. now we are transfer to another hotel. puri sari hotel. thats a nice hotel also. we stay there 1 night then fly back to bali.

so….. bye bye for flores.. what i could say for the trip – it was AMAZING !!!!!

i love my indonesia… 🙂

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Enjoy !!!